Where do I start….

Hallo, my name is Priscilla Muiga, popularly known as Stacey. I am an accountant by profession with a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) degree, CPA K, and ongoing Masters in MBA. I am a mom, a wife, a friend, a lover of life and a foodie… and boy oh boy I can cook! I try my best to be a good mom, a good wife, to live a life with purpose, to follow my passions, to be the best version of me I can be and of course to put yummy home cooked meals on my family’s dinner table.

Life as I know it now, started when I met and married my big-eyed prince charming, Mr. Muiga, when I was 23 years old. We were joined at the hip party animals…. Man, life was good! Then pregnancy! Here I was pregnant at 24 and very clueless. Being an orphan and an only child, I knew I wanted to be a homemaker, this was particularly birthed when I was going through identity crisis in my teens. The loneliness and lack of belonging became increasingly deafening.  I became fully aware that my life missed this sense of belonging and I secretly craved and prayed for a good husband and children of my own. Simply I wanted to be loved unconditionally. But little did I know how ill prepared I was for the role of wife-hood and motherhood because my life lacked the experience with family life.

June 11th 2014, I was blessed with my first son Alex, two and a half years later blessed with my second son Andrew. In 2015, I started co-parenting my nine-year-old niece Tamara after her father (my brother in law) passed on. And just like that, at an early stage of my adulthood, my plate was full.

I have faced so many motherhood challenges, I failed in some situations, I succeeded in others, but all in all, I am always determined to make my motherhood journey easier and a memorable one. I have struggled to find a balance between wife-hood, motherhood and running a business with my husband. I have not completely found this balance, am actively in search of answers, hacks and tips and ways to make this life easier. And such, am aware that with motherhood, learning never ends and with marriage, respect and forgiveness are the key ingredients.

So why this website? Why blog?

Well, I started this blog as a creative outlet, a space I can unleash and write my heart out, as well as achieve a few objectives in mind. On this space I aim at;

  • Sharing my challenges and experiences in my daily life. A mom or two can learn from my successes and failures. I don’t claim to know everything but I have faced ups and downs that have taught me my research skills.
  • Share my new findings as I go.
  • Learning as I connect with other parents going through similar challenges to sharpen my parenting skills.
  • Help new mothers navigate this motherhood life.
  • Share my love for food and recipes and kitchen hacks that have worked for my household.

So, lovelies, sip sip and welcome to my blog. Keep browsing…. if you like what you read tell me about it, any suggestions, let me know, any comments, feel free to speak your truth.

Love, Stacey.